Swag Page

These are pictures from an Itoya Profolio I purchased to hold swag from various Kickstarter campaigns. I was beginning to collect quite a bit, so I needed a method to store them so they would not become damaged while still being accessible. The portfolio book was the logical solution. It perfectly protects and preserves while still allowing people to view and admire each piece.

There are 24 "hard bound" sleeves totaling 48 reveals. I had to corner mount each item so they would not slip and slide within the transparent covers. This took a lot more work than I anticipated, but the result was almost ideal. I still have many pieces to include and will update this page accordingly.

Oh, these are in no particular order. I will put them in some manner of order in the far-flung future...just not right now.

(Sorry for the glare, but shooting reflective surfaces like this invariably leads to, well, glare.)


The front of the Profolio. Nothing really to write home about, but its construction is impressive. It's also fairly expensive (around $100).   More Anime Angels goodies.
The limited-edtition print from Dead Roots.   More Anime Angels...
Two prints and a sketch card from Mike Henry's Pink Hair Girls.   ...and more...
The stretch goal print, sticker, and bookmark from PHG. The second page is the first of two signed posters from Monsters, Maidens, and Mayhem.   ...and more...
The second signed poster from MMM. The second page contains swag from Ava's Demon.   ...and more! The second is from Birds of Lore.
Some more of Ava's Demon. The next page is a LOT of swag from Kelly Thompson's Storykiller campaign.   More Birds of Lore...
A bunch more from Storykiller. The next are three cards from Sam & Fuzzy Two-Volume Omnibus.   ...and one more Birds of Lore print. The second is the limited-edition poster from The Leaning Girl.
A cardstock print from Sam & Fuzzy. The next are from Anime Angels.