A Whole Buncha Links

This page covers publishers who produce signed, limited-edition books, outfits that resell them, or other essentials. If you think a company should be added or you hit upon any broken links, please drop me a line. Pleaes note that, due to the volatility of small presses, some of these companies may no longer be in business, even if their webpages are still "up". I'll move these publishers to the "Dead and Buried" section (below), but I may miss a few from time to time.

The publishers in bold/italics also run a bookstore as a resell point for other publishers.

(BTW, all these open in new, fully-functioning browser windows.)

A publisher must've produced at least >one< signed & numbered or lettered book to qualify for this list (and, of course, still be in business).


(may they rest in peace [at least the ones that didn't stiff people])

Axlotl Press / Pulphouse Publishing
B. E. Trice Publishing
Bereshith Publishing
Bloodletting Books / Infernal House / Morning Star
Cargo Cult Press
Catalyst Press
Crossroads Press
Dark Harvest
Darkside Press (Midnight House / Silver Salamander Press)
Dream House Publications
Elastic Press (forum)
Endeavor Press
Full Moon Press, The
Haunted Pelican Press

Hill House, Publishers
Humdrumming Publishing
Insidious Publications
Land of Enchantment
Lighthouse Media One
Mark V. Ziesing
Meisha Merlin Publishing
Mythos Books
Obsidian Press
Phantasia Press
Scream Press
Solitude Publications
Spiderweb Press
Ursus Imprints
White Noise Press





Via these links, you can (usually) find lively discussions about current events in the publishing world, especially small presses. Best to "lurk" for awhile before making a post to get a feel for the vibe of these communities.

Black Circle Saloon, The

Dorchester Forums

Fine Press Forum (on LibraryThing)


Horror World forum

Night Shade Books forum

Shocklines forum

Silverthought Press forum



Books and Vines

The Book Blog     The Collector (forum)

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database     Lilja's Library

Parka Blogs (forum)     The Whole Book Experience



Thinking about publishing your own book? Give these companies a look-see!

Brimar Packaging


Imagine Metal Products

Publishers' Graphics

Restoration Books

Sheridan Books, Inc.

Standwill Graphic Systems
(website pending)

Thomson-Shore, Inc.



In order to protect your book investment, dustjacket covers are essential! Order pre-cut sheets or rolls from the following vendors:

Brodart     Demco     Gaylord



Need someplace to store all them books? Give these companies a try:

Parker House Furniture     Sandusky Lee