1200 am LIVE

Published by:

ISBN: (none)
Edition size: 500 numbered (softcover) ♦ 26 lettered (hardcover w/dustjacket) ♦ 5 ultra (traycased hardcover)
MSRP: $12.00$100.00$250.00

Awful Books' first anonymous review arrives, with IP's lettered edition of 1200 am LIVE. This is a really handsome book which hits a lot of marks. Fortunately or unfortunately, it's a good example of a great looking, but somewhat overpriced, edition given the reasons cited below (with which I agree, especially regarding the lack of a slipcase despite the $100 MSRP).

I'll let the reviewer take it from here.

(Click for larger image.)

Insidious Publications did an excellent job on their latest title. Insidious produces their books in-house and are one of the few, if not the only, small press publisher to do this. They practically did everything themselves but raise the cow for the leather. You can really see the love and effort they put into this publication. The book is lavishly illustrated in gorgeous color, almost graphic novel in appearance. It really is quite a remarkable production. The lettered edition includes numerous high end enhancements over the softcover, including:

After all this praise, I'm sure you are wondering: why only recommended and not HIGHLY recommended? Unfortunately, there were a few issues. 1) For the price, I feel the book is a little short, clocking in at a total of 100 pages and 2) a slipcase would have really finished up the package. Slip and traycases are an essential part of lettered editions. Insidious will be producing an ultra edition limited to 5 copies that'll include a traycase, but for an additional $150.

This was Insidious Publications' first lettered edition, but it certainly won't be their last. I am really looking forward to their next publication, and seeing where they will be taking their lettered editions from here.

- L E T T E R E D -

The front of the book with the dustjacket. The DJ was actually a last-minute package enhancement. Given that, it came out remarkably sharp.

The spine.

And the back. As you can see, the DJ contains a full-color wraparound image.

The book front with the DJ removed, revealing the two-color stamping. As the reviewer observed, the text is pretty small. A few points bigger would've been preferable.

The spine. The lack of stamping here is a bit disappointing.

And the back.

A close-up of the Smythe-sewn binding.

The front inside DJ flap. The text here is a welcome addition, as many small presses simply leave this area blank.

And the rear DJ flap, with a Brian Knight bibliography.

The front endpapers, which uses the cover illustration from the softcover. A brilliant move, as oftentimes lettered buyers don't obtain the cover art included with less expensive editions.

The full-color letter-specific limitation page. Even more color elements appear herein.

And the letter-specific copyright page. A very thoughtful inclusion.

The title page.

The half-title page.

Page 1 of the main story.

Pages 12 & 13, revealing the enhanced text block.

An interior illustration.

The title of the reprinted story, Toys in the Attic.

Pages 88 & 89.

A side-by-side comparison of both editions. The hardcover is significantly larger.

A stacked comparison shot.

The bonus business card...

...signed by Andy Crow.


- N U M B E R E D -

The front of the softcover.

And the spine.

The back of the softcover. This wraparound art was used for the endpapers of the hardcover.

The front endpapers.

The number-specific limitation page.

The title page.

The copyright page. Note the number-specific citation, documenting this as book 4 in IP's novella softcover series.

An interior page. The text block for the hardcover is greatly enhanced.