The Art of George R.R. Martin's
A Song of Ice and Fire

Published by:

ISBN: 978-1589942189
Edition size: 250 numbered
MSRP: $99.95

It's somewhat rare that a sub-$100 limited artbook receives royal treatment. It's doubly rare that a company known primarily for its card and boardgames gets it ALMOST (see below) right on its first book publishing venture.

The Art of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire pulls little punches and shorts only one corner. As you can tell by the publicity photo alone, it sports practically everything a limited, signed & numbered book should possess - a foil-stamped slipcase, gilted edges, and an embedded ribbon bookmark. It doesn't stop there, though, as the following photos will attest.

One note about these pics. For whatever reason, I found this book to be incredibly hard to shoot. Either the lighting was bad or my camera's image stabilizer kept locking onto the wrong element. Another complication is the Brodart jacket which IĀ used on the book itself, which caused a lot of reflective glare. Some turned out gorgeous while others are a real mess. I may try to revisit the junky ones in the future, but even they should convey the quality and workmanship that went into this production. In my opinion, this was $100 well spent.

Oh, for those of you hoping I'd reprint all 184+ pages, forget it. I'm not turning this website into some sort of digitized art repository. Go buy your own!

- N U M B E R E D -

A shot of the slipcase front. Note the fingertabs, which are a nice touch.

A close-up of the gold stamping on the slipcase.

The slipcase spine. Even more gold stamping!

The front of the book itself. The title stamping is identical to that on the slipcase.

The back of the book.

And the spine.

The top of the book with its gilted edge.

The side, continuing the gilt.

And the bottom. Gilt all the way 'round!

And here's my biggest beef. A bookplate affixed to the front inside board of the book. This production would've been perfect had a dedicated limitation page been produced instead. Ugh!

The book's title page, which is identical to the front of the dustjacket for the mass-market edition.

Credits and copyright.

The table of contents. At 184+ pages, this is a fairly substantial book.

The first page of the foreword, written by Martin himself.

No fantasy artbook would be complete without the babes. A particularly nice full-page painting of Daenerys I.

The gold embedded ribbon bookmark.

Page 140, sporting a color version of King's Landing, which appeared in Meisha Merlin's edition of A Clash of Kings.