Black House
(sequel to The Talisman)

Published by:

ISBN: 1-880418-45-2
Edition size: 1,520
MSRP: $225.00

First off, I'm ashamed to admit that I've never read The Talisman series. However, I knew that Grant would (and did) produce a kick-ass edition of Stephen King and Peter Straub's sequel to the original book, with additional full-page color illustrations by Rick Berry. Keep in mind this is a NUMBERED book. A numbered! Grant never did produce a lettered edition, but I can't imagine how they could've improved much on this tome. Let's do a roll call:

About the only elements missing from this production might be gilt and an embedded bookmark. However, these omissions can be forgiven given what values are present.

And keep in mind this is a pretty massive book, clocking in at 640 pages and over seven inches tall (traycase height). You are definitely getting your money's worth with this edition.

- N U M B E R E D -

The front of the traycase.

The spine. Notice that the stamping is clear and sharp. Fabulous craftmanship.

The back of the traycase. No stamping, but there need not be (IMO).

The traycase fully opened with the book removed, revealing the inner green felt lining.

A shot of the book inserted in the traycase.

And here we have the front of the book, continuing with the excellent stamping.

The book's spine, with identical stamping of the traycase.

And the back.

Page edges. No gilt, but that's okay.

The front endpapers, revealing the first Berry illustration.

The limitation page, signed by King, Straub, and Berry.

The title page, hinting at the bleak story within.

The copyright and dedication pages. It is here where Robert Wiener is cited at co-designer of the book.

Pages 72 & 73, showing the brightness of the paper stock used and the crispness of the text.

Pages 224 & 225, revealing the first interior full-color plate by Rick Berry.