Earth X

Published by:

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ISBN: 0-936211-67-9
Edition size: 6,000 numbered
MSRP: $95.00

I can't heap enough praise on both Marvel and Graphitti for the incredible production values that went into this book - no, this tome! While it could be argued that this isn't a "limited-edition" in the more traditional sense of the term, I would counter that, despite its large print run, it demonstrates what a S/N should be - a masterpiece of publishing. Other so-called numbered (and some lettered) books can only hope to rise to this level of excellence.

And what, pray tell, did Marvel and Graphitti do to warrant such salivations? Pretty-much everything, and then some. For full content details, please visit the Wikipedia Page for Earth X. I could list them here, but the Masterworks page also has a link to one of the tracks on the included CD, so go visit it!

Fortunately (or unfortunately), due to its large print run and general availability, the book can be purchased from many places for a song - frequently less than $30 (a THIRD of its retail price). If you are seeking a terrifically handsome volume to add to your library of collectibles, look no further than this edition of Earth X.

Here are some pictures I took of my edition. More pictures, including some interior shots, can be found on the aforementioned Masterworks page.

- N U M B E R E D -

The entire production in the plastic traycase.

The book and CD removed, revealing the inset for the CD.

The book removed from the traycase.

The back, which sports the Graphitti Designs logo.

The spine.

The original CD, recorded specifically for this edition of Earth X.

A chilling one-sheet style poster included with the production.