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ISBN: 1-889186-50-3
Edition size: 450 numbered26 lettered
MSRP: $37.50$150.00

The conch is yours, Andy!

I have been a huge fan of Edward Lee for years and have never read an Ed Lee story I didn't like. He led me to the small press, and for that I am eternally grateful. Necro Publications was my introduction to small press publishers, and Messenger was my first Necro Publications lettered edition, and one of my first lettered editions period.

I really didn't know what to expect at the time, but was quite pleased with the whole package. The traycase is black faux leather and lined in black felt. It has a red foil stamp on the front of the title and author, as well as the bell with a star ringer - a central point to the storyline. The spine has a red foil stamp of the title, author, and Necro logo to match the spine of the book. The book itself is very well done, as well. The book is bound in leather, with the cover art onlayed onto the leather. The endpapers are plain black, which fits well with the feel of the book, but of course could be improved upon with a little texture or marbled endpapers. The book comes with a sewn in black satin ribbon book marker.

The limitation sheet is full color and mirrors the style of the cover art. However, the limitation does erroneously state "...of which this is number..." instead of "...of which this is letter..." Also, the layout of the book doesn't seem to be up to the usual Necro style. I am almost always very impressed with the work that goes in to a Necro Publications layout, but this one doesn't have the same flair to it, perhaps because it is a limited and lettered of a mass market release. Finally, the book comes with two additional full color artwork plates (frontispiece & interior). All in all I was very pleased with this production.

Andy also purchased the numbered edition, whose pictures appear following the lettered gallery. Compare the two to get a feel for the enhanced production values imparted to the letter. To summarize, the lettered edition adds:

Not too shabby for a book whose letter is only $112.50 more than the numbered. A very low price for quite a feature-rich book.

- N U M B E R E D -




The numbered comes with a b/w limitation page (whereas the letter is in color).

Very clear silver stamping here...

...and here, for the numbered book's spine.

The dustjacket flap reveals that the cover illustration depicts a bloody shower stall.



- L E T T E R E D -

Uh oh. This is an Ed Lee novel, so you know you're in for one helluva ride.






The top of the book, displaying the ribbon marker and the binding employed.

A top-down of the front endpapers.

The full-color frontispiece.

The color limitation page. This is where the serial citation error occurs, as the page states "...of which this is number:...".




The interior color plate on page 245. Erik Wilson provided both this and the frontispiece illustrations.