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ISBN: 0-972085-91-2 (all editions)
Edition size: 400 numbered52 lettered
MSRP: $45.00$175.00

When I first encountered Neverland on Bloodletting's website, I couldn't believe it. When other publishers were cranking-out rather cookie-cutterish traycases, this marvel was a true original. By then, the lettered edition had long since gone out-of-print and the only other copy I could find was on Camelot's webstore. However, Camelot wanted $1,000 for theirs, which was hopelessly beyond my meager financial means. As with American Gods, this was one book I was going to have to admire from afar.

And then, some months later, Larry received a copy on consignment. For $795, it could be mine. I waged an inner war. Could I justify the pricetag to myself and my wallet? Of course, the answer was "no", but the more devilish side of me overtook reason. I asked Larry if he would take half now and half later and he agreed. A month later, it arrived.

Am I glad I made the purchase? Yes, for it really it a sight to behold. This is a cornucopia of production values. From the BLP handle to the green inner padding, this is what lettered publishing is all about. Note that this was only BLP's SECOND production, behind Breeder. Personally, although there've been a lot of BLP letters subsequent to Neverland, I believe this is probably their best production.

And it only retailed for $175.00? My God! Those who were lucky enough to score one of these at the MSRP got a HELLUVA deal. In fact, this might be the best deal that has ever occurred for a lettered book within the small press field.

Speaking of the book, how does it fare? Again, without a numbered edition with which to compare, it's difficult to say. It is leatherbound and, as a nice bonus, the limitation page is letter-specific. However, I suspect those are the only differences (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

Incidentally, since the inception of the BLP messageboard, there has been a great hue and cry for lettered edition books to be greatly enhanced versus their numbered counterparts, such as raised spines, enhanced endpapers, interior color plates, embossing, and the like. Larry has said that, starting with Lake Mountain, the lettered books will follow this model. Personally, I can't wait!

- L E T T E R E D -

The front of the traycase, in all its glory. The "KEEP OUT!" is velcroed on. When removed, a succinct "FUCK YOU!" is underneath.

The side, displaying the see-thru window.

And the top.

A close-up of the aforementioned window. Hmm, is that a small handle?

Why, yes it is! The outside pane slides up to reveal the inner window.

The bottom. Notice all the screwports and the felt feet. Think this is an involved production? It doesn't stop there!

What's this? The window illuminates? How is that activated?

With this, a hidden key!

A close-up of the all-metal key...

...which inserts here. Note - it doesn't require turning.

A close-up of the traycase's outer door handle. Very elegant.

Perhaps a first in publishing history, a traycase within a traycase. This is one protected book! Incidentally, the lettering is suppose to be written in real blood.

The outer door's inner carpeted lining.

Is that a bloody dagger for a rotating handle? I believe it is!

Good bear...

...and bad bear bookmark.

Here, at last, is the book itself.

The inner door's inner green felt lining.

The book doesn't rest on metal, but on this felt. Very thoughtful.

The dustjacket of the book. A really haunting Caniglia illustration graces the cover.

The flaps.

The front of the book.

The spine.

And the top edge. Notice the embedded bookmark, which is a nice touch. No gilt, though.

The front endpapers. A not-too-thrilling shade of...tan?

A letter-specific limitation page. Excellent!

A bonus illustration, suitable for framing.