A Call for Submissions

While I would love to have a neverending stream of books to keep this site current with new material, I must confess that I am on a tight budget and cannot afford to purchase any and every limited-edition that gets published. Since my financial resources are pathetically limited, I am opening this site up for entry submissions. If you have a book that you are either thrilled to own or bitterly regret purchasing, make your views known on Awful Books! All I ask is that you follow a few simple rules:

> As an incentive, I am willing to pay $30 per used entry via Paypal. <

To get into specifics, I need pics of the following for reviews:

Before submitting an essay, please contact me first to let me know what you'll be sending and a rough estimate as to when I should expect it. The writeup can be in virtually any Word-based format.

Payment will be remitted only after all necessary elements have been amassed to make an entry post.

Now, get writing!